Breaking News: Patent Issued for HyperStealth® "Passive Negative Ion Generator"

Canadian Patent#: 2,282,155

Issued Jan. 27, 2004


International Patent Classification (IPC) H01T 23/00 

Current users include: Medical Doctors, Police Officers, Professional athletes and Military Special Forces


The "Passive Negative Ion Generator" is currently being used by a number of Special Forces Teams which have been adapted to their combat gear for performance enhancement without the side effects often associated with drugs or dietary supplements usually required for duty.

The Passive Negative Ion Generator works from a material reaction that is non-radioactive. The Patent has been approved and issued by the Canadian Patent Office and Canadian Foreign Affairs has approved export of the device to civilian and military of all but a few countries on the currently under export deny orders.

Currently the device is in a strip form that measures 3 ˝ inches by 1 inch weighing about 20 grams the device is fixed to the lapel or under brim of a hat or helmet so it is within the 15 inch range of the nose and/or mouth as inhalation of the negative ion emission is required. There is no power source, such as batteries required for the device to work. Estimates indicate the device will emit enough negative ions for five years before replacement would be required.

Special Forces personnel have affectionately refer to the device as the “IceCap” in reference to Iced Cappuccinos. The negative ion emissions makes the device slightly cooler to the touch than room temperature, while the cappuccino refers to the simulated caffeine hit many of the users notice while wearing the device.

Active negative ion generators, active – meaning they plug in to a power source or have batteries have been used in military applications since prior to World War II. The German Luffwafe used electrostatic generators in the war to create a beneficial environment for the pilot. The U.S. Navy began using ion generators on their submarines since the late 1950’s and still do to this day, unconfirmed reports recently indicate the U.S. Navy surface fleet also uses Negative Ion Generators on the bridges of their ships. The reason – to keep the crews alert and awake while on Bridge duty. The basis of this effect has also been confirmed by Israeli medical studies which show that by breathing more negative ions than positive ions causes the brain pulses to stay within an alert yet calm state (Alpha waves are predominant) making it difficult to fall asleep. This is the only side effect noted by the Russian government, who warned the Russian public to turn off any of the popular and widely used ion generators during sleep as these people were not getting the deep sleep required.

While the western world is blissfully unaware of the decades of research and wide scale use of negative ion generators in parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the western defense community has quietly embraced the use of these devices for decades.

Dealing with the general public versus defense personnel are two totally different procedures, the general public is skeptical, the most difficult task is trying to get past the public preconception that it is just a novelty item? Whereas defense personnel in the know just ask about color options and instructions.

Given that Special Forces consist of limited numbers of personnel, our company has unexpectedly, sent more "Icecap" devices to Special Forces and military command groups at their request than have currently been sold to the public in Canada which are easily ordered from our company web site.

HyperStealth® Biotechnology Corp. has Passive Negative Ion Generator (patent# CA 2282155); 
A low cost, light weight, low profile (built into the under brim of the CHAMP-ION™ series cap above),
portable negative ion generator that doesn't require a power source. 

Products are not currently available to the general public. 

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